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Grant Elliott


Juggling a professional cricket career and a fledging business (www.buzzbats.co.nz) means I draw on others with industry experience to bounce ideas around. ETM has helped me to make more effective use of my time.

Hayden Richards

Body Specific - Owner

You must stay ahead of the game, so that you can deliver quality sessions. The ETM program provided me with cutting edge information and on-going support.

Helen Bryant

Sports Co-ordinator / netball coach / REPS program facilitator - ST Margaret’s College

I think the College Athlete Training System has been really beneficial for the girls and they have come a long way compared to when they first started. Because of the discipline and progressive structure, our athletes have been taught how to perform skills correctly and safely. These are foundational athletic skills that they will always have and can build on. Exposure to injury prevention has been good for the girls and there has been a noticeable improvement on court in regards to movement patterns and landing control.

The girls have really enjoyed the program and can see the value and importance of the system; they can’t wait for the next phase.

Andrew Beardmore

Highlanders S15 - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

At a Super Rugby level training is intense and the last thing you need is equipment not performing for you as it’s intended to. I have been impressed by the quality and durability of the R80 equipment. It takes a fair bashing but stays in one piece and that’s what I need to be able to count on to ensure we train effectively at all times.

Phil Healy

Chiefs Super 15 - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

The XLR8 fitness and training range leads the way in the physical preparation of rugby players. The equipment range is not only very high quality, it is also innovative as it is designed for the unique demands of developing the speed and power needed by the modern rugby athlete.

Margaret Foster

Director Motivationz Netball, Former Silver Fern, Head Coach NZ A , Canterbury Flames & Southern Steel

We have been using XLR8® Sports Speed equipment in our Motivationz Netball Academy for the past 3 years. The service and products are absolutely outstanding, number one! From the ladders to the cones to the plyo platforms, we have found this equipment to really benefit our young netballers, and the coaches who are teaching the skills of netball. If you are passionate about netball, and want to make a difference, then buy the right equipment to assist your budding netballer in agility, speed, balance and co-ordination.

Ashley Jones

Crusaders Super 15 - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

At last a quality speed program that focuses on the multi-directional needs of team and ball sports! XLR8® training concepts and coach education courses will open your eyes to how best develop acceleration, change of direction and sport specific speed.

With XLR8® coaching knowledge you will be able to set up a speed program that will propel your athletes to the next level of sports performance. Quite simply XLR8® speed and power training is the best speed programme I have seen in my 20 years as a professional strength and conditioning coach and educator. High level sport is all about speed and at the Crusaders we use XLR8® training drills to ensure our players are exposed to the very best in speed development.

David Gray

Hurricanes S15 - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

R80 provide us with equipment to develop speed, agility, power and conditioning. The equipment allows us to functionally train professional rugby players and enhance their performance. The equipment is also versatile and allows us to be innovative in our training program design.

Grant Dearns

Hawkes Bay Rugby Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

I strongly endorse R80 products and recommend them to any Rugby or sports team. We have used the XLR8 speed, agility, and Rugby specific equipment for many seasons and have found it very applicable, durable, and reliable. We also look forward to seeing the innovations that R80 bring to the equipment market particularly in relation to Rugby.

Simon Thomas

Tasman Makos Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

One of the best things about R80 is the full range of quality gear we can get from them. Having always used XLR8 equipment and systems for our speed and agility training in the past, we can now expect the same quality and innovation in a wide range of strength and conditioning equipment for use on the field and in the gym.

They understand the changing needs of the modern professional rugby player and provide the tools needed to improve and prepare them physically as athletes.

Simon Jones

Southland Stags Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

R80 Strength Bags are the multifunction training system they claim to be. From outdoor circuits, to the gym, to speed sessions Strength Bags make my job easier. They are portable allowing me to plan a session with varied resistance virtually in any location. The versatile carrying positions and hardwearing nature of the construction also provides me with endless options when needing to come up with a specific exercise. A great tool for strength and conditioning coaches of all sports.

Chris Pollock

International Rugby Referee – New Zealand

As an international rugby referee, I spend a lot of time on the road. In the past this has meant that it has been really difficult to access professional advice about my training in a sport where we are expected to keep up with some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

In any given game we run between 6.5-9.5km, being made up of over 120 short sprints and making split second decisions, where being fitter no doubt plays a huge part in getting it right. I couldn't prepare myself to be the best I can be without the support of the XLR8 online coach.

The videos and explanations make it easy to follow and offer me the variety in my programs that can otherwise be lost if I can't get a hold of my trainer or Physio.

Everything I need from speed training, aquatics programs, rehabilitation, conditioning sessions and strength work, are all at my fingertips.

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